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Hazing Stance


Kappa Iota Sigma Sorority, Incorporated's policy regarding hazing is STRICTLY upheld and enforced by our members and National Executive Board. Under NO circumstances will any aspiring intake of the sorority be hazed by any member or Intake Chairperson of the sorority, nor will any member of the sorority participate in hazing by others.

Hazing as a general rule includes, but is not limited to, paddling, physical, mental, or sexual abuse of any kind, cruel and unusual punishment, endangerment of life, bodily harm, or any other type of activity that puts an intake in a situation to where they are pushed beyond their normal healthy limitations. Activities that occur in which an intake may feel is against membership intake rules and regulations or that she may consider to be hazing must be brought to the attention of the Director of Membership Intake.

Any member or intake chairperson who participates in or allows anyone to be hazed during any part of intake activity will be subject to  punishment by the Sorority, which may include fines, suspension, and a possibility of expulsion from the organization. Any intake who allows themselves to be hazed will be removed from the intake process. Alcohol and use of drugs is strictly prohibited at all times. All aspiring members should make themselves aware of the Anti-Hazing policy and speak with their Membership Intake Chairperson if they do not understand what has been set forth here, or been put in writing and given to them prior to the start of the intake process. All intakes and Intake Chairpersons will be given a copy of the Anti-Hazing Policy and will sign a written acknowledgement of this policy.

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