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The first Greek Letter organization for trans women of all religions, races, and ages.


"Kinship of SISTERHOOD, BEAUTY in Refinement, Revelation of a Triumphant Soul"

-The Motto of KISS

Our History That Made Us

The Work That Defines Us

How You Can Join Us

So That You Can Admire Our Beauty

How Things Are Ran

How We Stay Visible

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How You Can Join Us

The De' Staten Memorial Page

Welcome To KIS


The Ladies of Kappa Iota Sigma Sorority would like to welcome you with undying love and honor to our national website. We encourage you to take a look around; familiarize yourself with us and our historic movement of justice and activism through personal metamorphosis.


Kappa Iota Sigma Sorority is a non-collegiate, community service/ social based, non-profit organization open to (MTF) transgender women from all races and cultures.


Our notable organization welcomes ladies with a heart for community improvement, societal awareness and empowerment of the LGBT community; advocating for equality for transgender women of all religions, races, and ages.

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